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CGU fidelity programm

CGU fidelity programm

General terms and conditions of use of the Brit Hotel loyalty card
(Valid from 28 Mai 2024)


Article 1. Partners of the ‘Oli’ loyalty programme

Brit Hotel Developpement (hereinafter referred to as Brit Hotel), a SAS with capital of €150,000 whose registered office is located at 22 rue Lavergne - 22 600 Loudéac, registered with the Saint-Brieuc Trade and Companies Registry under number 433 981 206 (Siret 433 981 206 00033 - VAT: FR 27 433 981 206 - APE: 7022Z), has set up a loyalty programme called ‘Oli’ in all the hotels it represents as well as on its merchant website. Trademark No. 4754815 registered in France and French Polynesia.



Article 2. Membership of the ‘Oli’ loyalty programme

The ‘Oli’ loyalty programme is open to anyone over the age of 18. It is possible to join this programme by completing a membership form available in each Brit Hotel establishment, or directly online from the www.brithotel.fr website.


The ‘Oli’ programme is valid in all establishments associated with the Brit Hotel brand and on the www.brithotel.fr website, subject to a limit of one ‘Oli Account’ per customer (same name, same email address).


The ‘Oli Account’ is only considered active after validation of a link sent to the email address used to create the account.


Any membership form containing an anomaly (incomplete, erroneous, illegible) may not be taken into account.


Any change of address, name or any other information that may be required as part of this programme may be modified by the account holder by going directly to the www.brithotel.fr website.



Article 3. The principle of the ‘Oli’ programme

The ‘Oli’ programme allows you to accumulate euros in an electronic wallet, the balance of which can be consulted at any time from the ‘Oli Account’.


These euros can be used to pay all or part of a bill issued within the establishments associated with the Brit Hotel brand.


These euros can also be exchanged for partner vouchers or gifts from the catalogue available online on the ‘Oli Account’.


The ‘Oli’ programme also allows you to benefit from discount vouchers called ‘Oli Vouchers’ which are only deductible for bookings made online at www.brithotel.fr.



Article 4. Eligibility for ‘Oli’ Euro credit

Each night spent by a customer with an ‘Oli’ account entitles him/her to accumulate euros: a minimum of €2.50 including tax per night and per room occupied (excluding the fixed rate for connecting family rooms).


The following are eligible for this credit


- Honoured reservations made at reception, by telephone or on the www.brithotel.fr website.

- All bookings honoured, made on the hotel's own Brit Hotel brand website

- All reservations for overnight stays, evening packages or any other package or promotion booked via the above reservation channels, regardless of the nature of the reservation and cancellation conditions.

- Any honoured reservation made at a negotiated company rate, unless otherwise specified in the contract.


The following are ineligible for this credit:


- All bookings made via general distribution channels: online agencies or fare comparison services.

- All tourism group bookings made via the Brit Hotel central reservations office or directly with the hotel.


Any attempt at fraud in the acquisition and/or use of the euros earned will result in immediate termination of the ‘Oli Account’. Brit Hotel reserves the right to take legal action against the fraudster.





Article 5. Use of Euros ‘Oli’ accumulated

Euros ‘Oli’ can be used subject to having validated the activation of the ‘Oli Account’ via the link received on the reference email address provided by the customer.


Oli’ Euros can be used from the second stay honoured in a Brit Hotel member hotel.


A) Use directly in a Brit Hotel member hotel

Oli Euros can be used to pay all or part of an invoice issued by a Brit Hotel branded establishment, whatever the service: accommodation, food, drinks or access to additional services (wellness area, bicycle hire, etc.).


B) Use on the www.brithotel.fr website:

Oli Euros can be used to prepay all or part of a holiday booked online at www.brithotel.fr. The sums deducted at the time of these bookings are held in escrow until the date of the booked holiday concerned.


In the event of cancellation of the holiday, the terms and conditions of the holiday booked will apply:


In the case of a holiday that can be cancelled free of charge: If the free cancellation period is respected, cancellation of the holiday will result in the release of the escrow of the ‘Oli’ euros.


C) Conversion into Amazon gift codes:

The ‘Oli’ Euros accumulated can be converted into Amazon gift codes.

Amazon does not sponsor this promotion. Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, the Amazon.co.uk logo and the smile logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Amazon EU SARL or its affiliates. Gift vouchers may be used on the Amazon.co.uk website and the affiliated Javari.co.uk website to purchase eligible products listed in our online catalogue and sold by Amazon.co.uk or other sellers selling on the Amazon.co.uk website. Purchases will be deducted from your Gift Voucher balance. To use or view a Gift Voucher balance, visit ‘Your Account’ on Amazon.co.uk. Gift Vouchers may not be redeemed more than once, transferred for valuable consideration, exchanged for cash, or applied to another account. Amazon.co.uk is not responsible for the theft, loss, destruction or unauthorised use of gift vouchers. See full terms and conditions here. Delivery of gift vouchers and ©2011 by Amazon EU Sarl.




Article 6. Use of the Oli Restaurant Programme

The Oli programme allows you to earn euros in certain restaurants in the Brit Hotel network. A percentage of the Oli cardholder's restaurant bill is credited by the participating establishments. The loyalty reward rate is communicated directly to each participating outlet. Only meals eaten at lunchtime are eligible for this credit. This offer cannot be combined with an overnight accommodation credit, a preferential rate on catering or any other current commercial offer.

List of participating establishments:

- Brit Hotel Orléans Antarès - Saint-Jean-de-Braye

- Brit Hotel Angers Parc Expo L'Acropole - Verrières-en-Anjou

- Brit Hotel Caen Nord Mémorial - Caen

- Brit Hotel Nantes Vigneux L'Atlantel - Vigneux de Bretagne


Article 7. Use of ‘Vouchers Oli

As part of its ‘Oli’ loyalty programme, Brit Hotel may credit discount vouchers called ‘Oli Vouchers’.


These ‘Oli Vouchers’ can only be used online at www.brithotel.fr and can be deducted from the cost of a reservation. 


The ‘Oli Vouchers’ used for these bookings are held in escrow until the date of the booked stay concerned.


In the event of cancellation of the holiday, the terms and conditions of the holiday booked will apply:


In the case of a holiday that can be cancelled free of charge: If the free cancellation period is respected, cancellation of the holiday will result in the release of the ‘Vouchers Oli’ escrow.


In the case of a non-cancellable/non-refundable holiday: the ‘Oli Vouchers’ euros will be permanently deducted from the ‘Oli Account’ concerned and will be deducted from the amount to be invoiced.



Article 8. Expiry of ‘Oli’ Euros and ‘Vouchers Oli’ purchased

Each sum credited to the ‘Oli Account’ in Euros Oli or in ‘Voucher Oli’ is valid for a period of two years. If these sums are not spent by the client during this period, they will be automatically withdrawn from the ‘Oli Account’. This debit will not give rise to any compensation.



Article 9. Customer status

The ‘Oli’ loyalty programme provides for different levels of customer status defined according to the frequency of customer stays over a sliding 12-month period.


Oli Guest: 1 to 3 nights

Oli Friends: 4 to 14 nights

Oli Family: 15 nights or more


These statuses give rise to different benefits, a list of which can be consulted on the www.brithotel.fr website.




Article 10. Sponsorship of the ‘Oli’ Programme.

From their ‘Oli Account’ available online at www.brithotel.fr, customers can invite their friends and family to join the programme. A sponsorship offer will enable them to earn ‘Oli Vouchers’ when their sponsored accounts make their first online reservation.


Article 11. Conditions of use of the ‘Oli’ Programme.

Use of the ‘Oli’ loyalty programme implies unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions, which the subscriber acknowledges having read when registering.


The ‘Oli’ loyalty programme may only be used by its holder.


Brit Hotel, the hotels belonging to the Brit Hotel brand and/or the www.brithotel.fr website are exonerated from all liability for any direct or indirect consequences of any anomalies in the operation of the loyalty programme, whatever their cause. Thus, in the event of an anomaly resulting in particular from an obvious technical or material error or a computer bug concerning in particular the accumulation of €uros in the ‘Oli Account’, the holder will not be able to claim the benefit thereof, nor request reimbursement. As soon as this anomaly has been discovered or brought to the attention of Brit Hotel, the latter will proceed to regularise the ‘Oli Account’.


Article 12. Changes to the loyalty programme

All or part of the rules, rights and benefits set out in these General Terms and Conditions and/or in any other document relating to this loyalty programme may be modified or withdrawn temporarily or permanently at any time.


In this event, the rights and benefits acquired by the holder of the ‘Oli’ loyalty programme on the date of cancellation or modification will remain due.


On the other hand, rights and benefits modified or withdrawn in the future will not entitle the member to any compensation.


Article 13. Information technology and civil liberties

The information requested via the membership form available online or in the brand's hotels is necessary for the management of the loyalty programme.


This information enables Brit Hotel to manage and run the ‘Oli’ loyalty programme and to carry out or commission any corresponding studies or analyses.


In accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, your personal data is processed automatically in files declared to the CNIL. It is intended for use by Brit Hotel Developpement, all the hotels under the Brit Hotel brand, and our service providers responsible for processing or analysing it for research purposes.


By providing us with your details, and unless you object directly by logging into your ‘Oli Account’, you agree to receive :

- information about our loyalty programme

- any news or offers concerning the Brit Hotel brand.


You have the right to access, rectify and object to any personal data concerning you, either by post to the following address Brit Hotel Developpement - Service RGPD - 22, Rue des landelles - 35 135 CHANTEPIE or by email: rgpd@brithotel.fr


Credit cards accepted in all hotels are VISA and Mastercard. Some establishments accept Diners Club, JCB and American Express cards. The credit card is used to guarantee your reservation. No debit will be made online except for special offers, in immediate prepayment.

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